Sunday, December 12, 2010


We made it. We're moved in. Although a lot of what we own is still sitting in boxes. We've moved to Southern Minnesota. About 1400 people inhabit the town we currently reside in. Neither of us have ever lived this rurally. We're figuring out the ins and outs of living in a really small town. Like how you need to plan ahead and how you might have to drive anywhere between nine to fifty miles to get what you need. It's a learning curve.

Here's a lesson we learned today: Just because the snow stopped falling doesn't mean you have the right to drive on the roads.

You see we had a major blizzard yesterday.

Outside our apartment window.

But we figured that since the sun was shining today, we could just hop on the major highway and head up to the next town that's home to a cafe we discovered last week (more on the cafe in another post). We got there through blowing snow and drifts and had a scrumptious breakfast. But we learned that the roads were officially closed due to the blowing snow and that if you're caught driving, it could cost you about $1000.00. Ummm...oops. So, after breakfast we headed straight back home and are staying put until the authorities say "move!".

And apparently out here snow blowers are for namby-pambys.

This is what we saw shoveling some driveways...

They don't play around up here. They tackle the snow like nobody's business.

Oh, and the Metrodome collapsed. Oh noz!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

On The Move....

Lots of stuff going on.

Jonathan got a job!!!

But not in the Twin Cities.

So, we're moving again.

Same state...different town.

We're in the middle of throwing everything into the moving truck.

There will be blog silence until we get internet in the new place.

We hope that everyone had a great turkey day.