Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Spy: Snow!

Here in Minneapolis we enjoyed a brief Indian Summer with temperatures rising into the low 70's the week of November 7th. While we enjoyed one last bike ride, the forecast called for the first snow storm of the season that weekend, and within three days the prediction had come true.

Waking up Saturday morning we were greeted by the first herald of Winter, a bountiful snowfall covering the landscape.

It fell fast, and thick, with lots of humidity in the air causing it to clump to power lines and trees that still had leaves from the unseasonably warm summer here. This caused a lot of downed limbs which resulted in power outages for some (but not us).

We received about 8 to 10 inches in about 24 hours, though the city was prepared. The road crews had most of it cleared from the main streets immediately. The news reported that some 1000+ cars had been towed from snow emergency zones and impounded. I got the message - they don't mess around here. Fortunately we have a driveway and didn't need to move the Jeep.

The wet snow made for good packing, so Johari decided to craft a Snowman on the front porch (though really it's a snow-midget).

I took it a step further and when shoveling the drive decided it was easier to just roll the snow out of the way, making a proper snowman in the process.

The snow is still covering the landscape, though in very thin patches. Our snowman has since taken a tumble, but we still have pictures to remember him by.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Truth, Justice, and Pizza!

Nestled in the heart of Minneapolis's Uptown district is an unassuming restaurant where mild mannered employees report every day to deliver truth, justice, and delicious pizza to the citizens of the city.

Step inside the brightly colored business and you immediately know this is not your ordinary pizzeria. Perhaps it was the red and blue glasses the waitress handed you to read your 3D menu, or maybe, just maybe it was the caped crusader who bolted out the back door to deliver a fresh hot pie.

Pictured above: Merman, the Aquatic Delivery Driver

Like the Hall of Justice, or the Fortress of Solitude, Galactic Pizza is home to spandex clad heroes, only these super humans are capable of delivering pizzas faster than a speeding bullet. Well maybe not that fast considering their delivery vehicles are little 3 wheeled electric powered Gizmos.

Pink Thunder delivers good vibes

Saving the world one pizza at a time... not just a motto, but a way of life for the Galactic Pizza founders. Their business model takes sustainability seriously, buying local ingredients for their offerings and running the restaurant on 100% renewable wind energy.

But wait! These aren't REAL heroes - they just deliver pizza... or do they? In a story pulled from the stranger than fiction file things at Galactic Pizza took a turn for the weirder in 2006 when delivery hero "Luke Pie Rocker" chased down and apprehended a purse snatcher after hearing the victim crying for help.

While it's not a requirement that all employees fight crime, every delivery driver develops a heroic persona, complete with uniforms custom made by a local seamstress. Past members of the Pizza League include:
  • The Italian Scallion
  • General Statement
  • Captain Organic
  • The Flying Squirrel
  • and last but not least Captain Awesome

This interview of Captain Awesome provides more secret details about the hero squad behind Galactic Pizza, and his enigmatic, indestructible air guitar.

Aside from the pure pizazz of the packaging, you're probably wondering how the pizza tastes...

Favorite specialty pies include the Paul Bunyan (using ingredients local to Minnesota like Wild Rice, Morel Mushrooms and Buffalo) The Hipster (a Vegan offering whose name is a nod to the many customers that frequent the restaurant) and the Maui Wowie (a spicy spin on a Hawaiian pizza with jalapenos heating up an the otherwise average Canadian bacon and pineapple pie).

"Lights Out" and "The Beast" enjoy fighting crime by the slice.

Let's just say the menu is out of this world, and leave the PUN-ishment at that.